WWE Smackdown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction And Highlights From March 21

WWE smack down on Tuesday night is another step towards Wrestmania and on this night Aj Style came to stage, expressed his emotions about Wrestlmania but nothing happened in thrill action.


Wwe is a worldwide well known wrestling organization, it is founded by McMahon and Toots Mondt as corporation of capital wrestling in 1952 and now it is a biggest wrestling show in the world with 36 million viewers in almost 150 countries.

Baron Corbin superstar of Wwe met with Daniel Bryan the controller and ex superstar of wrestling world, for an opportunity in Wrestlmania, according to Baron he has the capability to reach there, at last he got a match with Randy Orton in smack down but he lost that match due to interference of Dean Ambrose.

John Cena the 16 time champion with Nikki Bella met with Fandango and with his teammate in the ring and 16 time champion defeat them easily with the help of his partner Nikki, because they are the man who are not easily defeat able and John is a powerful wrestler which Wwe cannot find a person ever again like him.

Aj style who attacked on the chairman Shane MacMohn of Smack down and he is a big superstar of wwe ring, in last event, he was in search of him in backyard but he came on ring from anywhere and addressed the audience that he will tell the Aj on next big event who he is and what he can do, Aj will never forget him in whole life after the defeat in 33 wrestlmania event.

Aj style want to kick the Ceo of Smack down but on that spot Shan MacMohn destroy him by putting on the table, there is so many clashes between them after the attack of Aj on Shane on last event but they will face each other on main event Wrest mania 33.

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