Worries for Japan and South Korea as North Korea Launched Four Missiles

Japan looks more worried as North Korea is in full action and producing more problems for the Japan as in last week according to the local news report they introduced there four new missiles and fired three of them in sea water of Japan.


In another news report reporters said that it the missiles travelled a long distance of nearly thousand kilometers and three of them landed into the economical zone.

On spot it was not told by reporters and experts about the type of missiles which were fired there last week by North Korea according to them it’s a test fired and many more still has to done by their side as they are showing rapidly increasing defending power to US.

Japan local news report told that the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in his interview they are felling bad and considered North Korea as Threat for them now days busy in producing some technologies through which they saved their country from all such like threats.

North Korea also trying to make its self a nuclear power as they done two nuclear test before in last year with their efforts US looked little worried they said if North Korean become a Nuclear power it will be a big threat because after that they get a chance to do missiles war on spot they are unable to fight because they had no serious damaging missiles.

South Korea also showed there response on the missile launched act of North Korea, they said it was a bad incident of firing missiles according to them missiles landed in middle of Japan and South Korea sea they said it is going to be future threat to our country people life’s.

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