Wikileaks Publish CIA, Documents Releases Thousands Of Vault 7

WikiLeaks is an organization which is non profit and provides secret information and new leaks, this time they done a really big work as they release the important documents of CIA including more than eight thousand documents as part of Vault 7 a series of leaks on the agency.


More than eighty five thousand of documents published by WikiLeaks it is a series of leak by them name suggested by them of this publish is Year Zero, they said we publish all the hacking programs of CIA as global covert hacking program, with addition to that weaponries exploits which used against the companies such as Apple Phones, Samsung TVs, all those which are convert into microphones.

The news of leak is first uploaded on social network Twitter my Wikileaks they said if some more information gathered about it than we can rock in the world also some serious information shared by them government is doing their job with the help of their hackers.

The hackers of government hacking all the call recording s and all text messages traffic before encryption is applied the hackers gathered all information for government to save their countries from different threats.

According to a statement to WikiLeaks the details about source policy is going to be change as they need to work fast to save all information about their going work they need to be debated in public and with that they has to improve their hacking power.

Organization created teased atmosphere after the message of new publish as they name it Year Zero first they announced to release the published files later but planned changed and files came out after press conference done for the cyber attack after that the files showed by the WikiLeaks.

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