White House Announces Restriction On CNN, New York Times, LA Times And BBC Covering Press Briefing

On 24 February, the White House has announced restriction on some renowned major channels as well as CNN, New York Times, LA Times and BBC that they can’t cover anything related press briefing.


Latest move by Donald Trump’s also applied on American internet media companies like the Daily Mail, BuzzFeed, The New York Daily News, BuzzFeed, and The Hill, have no right for the off-camera meeting, called a ‘gaggle’.

A special meeting was held at West Wing office by the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer holds his hand-selected news channels to announce what his government has to do.

The White House said during a press conference on Friday that a traditional on-camera press conference would be replaced by a press pool that generally holds one radio, one print outlet and one television.

Trump’s administration had informed media press conference will not be occurring into the James S Brady Press Briefing Room, even though to be held into Spicer’s office, although a group of reporters contains a large number, were invited in this special briefing.

While, latest banning comes out after a increasing series of hurting attacks on the mass media, though a number of news channels had been banned following accusation of publishing indecent material that President Donald Trump believes shouldn’t to be made public.

However, latest block doesn’t target well-known news channels such as CBS, Fox News, ABC, Bloomberg and Reuters, even though the ‘expanded gaggle’ consisted of news channels could be seen inclination to the right like the 45th United States president’s chief strategist Steve Bannon’s far-right plus One America News Network, Breitbart News and the Washington Times.

On Friday, Donald Trump during his addressing at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington DC, resumed numerous attacks on media by announcing ‘the enemy of the people’ to news companies.

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