Whatsapp Introduced Video Streaming Feature For Android Users And Watch Videos Without Downloading

After intruding video calling Whatsapp is now introducing another major feature which is video streaming which enables users to watch videos without downloading them, this will improve the experience of watching videos.


Whatsapp is added another best feature after their useful video calling feature so users will not have to wait for fast speed internet because this feature will enables users to watch videos without downloading them.

Just like YouTube and other streaming services available on the internet, videos can now be streamed as it is being downloaded.

As this is good news only for the users of Android version because this is available for beta version of 2.16.365 but according to official authorities, this will be updated to other platforms after the success of this feature.

This is the Facebook possessed messaging platform’s second main update as WhatsApp introduced a video call feature last week, and has been uncompromisingly adding new features, as whatapp is so far called as the fastest messaging application all around the world.

Users are really happy by the addition of this feature for their most used application; Whatsapp which has maintained steady and slow approach in what feature it wants on this gigantic application.

Now adding some aggressive features to its best platform lately, as according to reports, they have introduced video calling feature earlier in this month.

But now also introduced a major one for their users because this was complained by the users for the authority to give them such a relief or feature which will enable them to watch videos without downloading them.

As whatsapp is used by billions of users all around the world and this feature is heartily welcomed by the users and this will available for other platform user within one week.

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