Vietnamese Keen Singer Doan Thi Huong Suspect Of Kim Jong Nam’s Murder

A female suspect of assisting to kill Kim Jong Nam who was half-brother Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, is discovered to be a keen singer, although her Facebook pages posed pouting photographs and pictures of party.


About four days ago North Korean leader’s half brother was killed at a Malaysian airport, though Doan Thi Huong, who is identified to be Vietnamese woman, emerged having a published photograph of herself donning up a shirt beautified with acronym “LOL”, which is believed same as one of the running away suspect caught on CCTV cameras coverage.

Nonetheless, when asked Malaysian police about Thi Huong, told reporters that she had worked at entertainment channel, is considered suspect of murdering of Kim Jong Nam.

If latest reports are to be considered, Malaysian police details has shown that she has bloodline to a family belonging to a rice farm in northern Vietnam, who left her home about over ten years ago when she was 18.

When investigators examined her Facebook page, where discovered a last post in the name of “Ruby Ruby”, that gives confirmation of her family members, while post was published on 11 February from Kampong Besut, Malaysia.

Although, Vietnamese female and an Indonesian woman both used unidentified toxic substance, is said to be a liquid to kill Kim Jong Nam on 13 February, was applied on his face at Kuala Lumpur‘s budget air terminal, told Malaysian police.

According to police statement, she was discovered an employee at an entertainment outlet, although they didn’t reveal about name of the institute where Thi Huong had been worked, even denied disclosing her immigration status.

Huong was described by police as an “entertainment outlet employee”, but they did not give details of where she had been employed or what her immigration status was.

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