US Officially Accuses Russia For Cyber Attack To Interfere With US Election

US Administration official formally accuses Russia of hacking the Democratic Party’s computer network to interfere with the upcoming Presidential elections.


The Washington officially revealed they believed that the cyber attack headed by some hackers and Russian government backed them.

The US Presidential election seems not to be safe as United States has claimed to Russian government to stop these wrong doing by orchestrating hacker to cyber attack on the computer network of Democratic Party.

US officials have reportedly warns and accuses Russia to stop cyber attack on DNC during Presidential elections.

Russian government seems to be started war against United States as the situation between US and Russia riffed gradually deepens on Syrian issue. Now, United States claimed to be involved in cyber attack on Democratic Party Computer network to interfere in the forthcoming presidential elections.

The Department of Homeland Security recently unveiled a large number of hacked emails are, “be consistent with methods and motivation of Russian directed method”, these emails are perceived as disrupting Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton’s bid.

The Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton along with administration of United States have made responsible for the stealing of thousands of emails from officials of Democratic Party. After Friday, Barack Obama has pointed out the finger first time in Moscow.

Some of the states claimed it probably the attempt to take control of Presidential election while the other reports revealed the attempt could not be linked with Russia government.

On the other side, Russian official told to a news agency that the claim of cyber attack by US is completely “nonsense”.

Vladimir Putin’s spokesmen dismissed the allegation by saying, every day his website get attacked by thousands of hackers and a lot of identified the civilians of US but they never claimed a single time.

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