US May Add Pakistan In Visa Ban List Including Some Other Nations, White House Revealed

White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus has revealed in his statement United States may extend extreme vetting executive order by adding some more nations.


Just hours after new United States president Donald Trump approved executive order holds no-visa policy for seven Muslim countries, White House has fears that his administration may have place Pakistan in this list including some other Muslim countries.

Trump’s visa banning order has blocked admission of people from seven Muslim nations such as Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Syria. Although by defending US president’s ruling, some other nations’ names could be part of the visa-ban list soon.

However, US authorities will take soon some steps including carrying out people travelling from US to which nation and come from which side as well as what kind of aims they have.

It is also explained to be that if Trump’s administration informs regarding its security measures in advance, isn’t happening after facing any loss like terrorism US on way to launch strict steps, even their government want to create hurdles in way of possible terrorism.

White House Chief of Staff furthermore clarified that US doesn’t want to advertise its moves to the world that they launch an inspection on travelling those who in and out in United States of America from seven Muslim-nations.

Priebus later on made clear more those green-holders who had left America, wanted to move back again, so they have to undergo additional screening this time after visiting US embassy or consulate.

While court verdict will not be affecting the whole implementation of the White House order, though affected a relatively small number of visitors who had to face inconvenience by security when they moved back United States after impose of Trump’s executive order.

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