United States Security Suspends Travel Ban, Despite Trump Scolded

Washington: The current United States president Donald Trump’s government had to obey a federal judge’s order to block travel ban, even they were against the court’s ruling, while prepared its legal defense of the controversial executive act.


On Saturday, the federal government declared that they will obey federal judge’s ruling against Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban even US president scolded the judge verdict via Twitter, though refugees and for people from seven Muslim-majority nations are allowed to enter in United States.

However, the Department of Homeland Security made public statement that they have suspended all actions to put into actions the travel ban approved by US administration, although will be starting inspections of travelers again next as it has been carrying out after implementation.

While it is also mentioned that the Justice Department filed an emergency stay on Saturday blocking the court ruling along with the 9th US circuit court of appeals, but they couldn’t make it as it can be carried out at possible time.

Donald Trump took his Twitter to criticize court’s ruling, said the way judge announced order to halt the travel ban that appears to be moves law enforcement away from US, also called court’s verdict is totally ridiculous and will be will be reversed.

US president is staying at his personal club in Florida ‘Mar-a-Lago,’ for more than seven days as well attended the American Red Cross’ annual gala at the club’s ballroom, even a large of number of American people were outside to protest against his administration but Trump follower were inside the area.

On other side, state department announced on early hours of Saturday, they had overturned visa revocations, it means those people were not allowed to travel freely, can do this now without any restrictions.

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