United States Ends ‘Wet Foot, Dry Foot’ Policy For Cubans, Administration Declared Thursday

United States President Barack Obama who is about to leave his office after appointment of Donald Trump, to end the long-established ‘wet foot, dry foot’ strategy that give the right to Cubans becoming permanent inhabitants after landing in America without visa, administration declared on February, 2017.


However, every Cuban is seems to be upset nowadays after facing bleak reality as they have no idea about the move, which wasn’t summarized in past. Although, current move that doesn’t allow to Cubans staying in United States of America without any visa, has terminated by Obama’s administration.

US president said on Thursday in press conference that by ending a decades-long policy, his administration will take step soon to send all Cuban migrants from other countries.

Obama added that United States is believed to be land of immigrants, has been enriched by the contributions of Cuban-Americans for over hundred years.

Although Cubans were welcomed in United States since he took presidency but now, by considering his new move, Cubans have to get Visa to stay in America, though US will carry on welcoming Cubans with respect in future.

Former president US, Bill Clinton did some change in the “open door” policy on Cuban refugees in 1990 that previously set up by President Lyndon B. Johnson called ‘wet, foot, dry foot’ that send home back Cubans, while US administration carried out especial favor allowing Cubans to live in America.

On other side, Cuba has agreed sudden announcement by United States, will accept its inhabitants those who took off to America because of unrest.

The decision is thought to be last move by Obama’s term though US president untied once again relationships to the island nation in 2014, after more fifty-year of frozen diplomatic relations.

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