UK News Papers Claimed: IS Chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Seriously Injures In Airstrikes In Iraq

A United Kingdom’s tabloid has claimed for serious injuries of the Sunni militant terrorist organization known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi during airstrikes carried out by Iraq’s air force.


However, not any other news agency had claimed for his bad condition so far, while UK based newspaper has reported that after being seriously wounded al-Baghdadi was taken to medical center quickly.

Some officials from the Joint Operations Command associating the combat against Islamist fighters in Iraq, didn’t confirm injury of senior leader of Middle East’s one of the most dangerous organization.

Nevertheless, a statement was issued by an intelligence cell that monitors a convoy, the 45-year-old Islamic State leader reportedly rushed to hospital after being hurt by airstrikes those targeted the area of Raqqa which supposed to be home of Islamist fighters, located across the border to the al-Qaim area in western Iraq.

Though, the Joint Operations Command’s report tells that Iraq’s air force suddenly hit a location where Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s senior leaders were gathered for conference on Saturday (11 February), using F-16 jets, whether haven’t provided further information regarding Baghdadi’s condition.

However, it was reported in statement that 13 senior leaders were killed in direct hitting carried out by Iraqi air force on the special meeting site, while haven’t posed names of those dead commanders.

Baghdadi has been leading the one of the most brutal Islamic organization as after becoming caliphate across Iraq and Syria in June 2014, though didn’t believe would be part of deaths.

On other side, Iraq’s military had claimed in previous reports for death or injuries of Islamic State’s senior leader many times on a number of locations since launching of its counter-offensives to get back the region misplaced to militant group about three years ago.

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