Uganda Rampage Against Tribal King Killed At Least 62 People And Several Injured

The violent conflict between western Uganda Police and loyal militia of tribal king has increased the death toll, the clash of Police and militia left the killings of more than 62 people while there are several wounded in the conflict.


The hundreds of rebels and western Uganda Police officers have been fighting in the western area of Uganda that escalated the death toll of the area to 62 in the recent week clash.

The conflict between regional Police and rebels broke out near the Tribal King Palace, the Tribal King of western Uganda thoroughly against the state President Mr. Yoweri Museveni.

The Government of Uganda initially revealed the killing of 55 people but on Monday the Ugandan Government opened up on the death toll as it has risen to 62 in which there reportedly 14 people linked with regional Police while the rest of deaths counted as rebels who were in support of western Tribal King.

The regional Police officers have arrested hundreds of Militia members during clashes, according to the initial records not only the Police is on the way of killing the rebels but also arrested 139 royal guards.

The conflict has approached the extreme level as the rampage continued throughout the Sunday but the Police accused that the royal guards have been getting training’s from the other side of mountains.

However, as the matter was at extreme level as the conflict stems from a long running conflict of Tribal King Supporters and regional security forces.

A Spokesman of Tribal King from the Palace reportedly gave a brief statement on this morning to state President Yoweri Museveni.

he asked President of Uganda to disable the royal guards in two hours which is quite impossible but the regional Police now combined with Army and start raiding the Palace and other points.

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