Turkish Police Arrests More Than 438 People During Anti-Islamic State Operation

Istanbul: Turkish anti-terrorism police launched sudden actions against people reportedly belonging to the Islamic State, have taken into their custody more than 438 suspects during action, reported authorities on Sunday.


However, Turkey’s local news agency has reported that police detained 60 Islamic State suspects early hours on 5 February in the capital Ankara, a large number of them foreigners.

We also learnt from Turkish news agencies that state police have arrested about 445 people by carrying out sudden raid at pre-dawn not only in single city even a number of cities as well as Istanbul and Gaziantep close to the border with Syria.

Although, Turkish anti-terrosim police carried out largest action in the southeast province of Sanliurfa, taken into custody over 99 suspects belonging various locations, even discovered materials reported to be came from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria that also known as ISIL and IS.

However, nine suspects were also arrested in action against militants who were plotting to carry out a attack in the northwestern city of Izmir.

Any news agency didn’t reveal about the nationalities of all those apprehended persons but it is said to be that 10 of them seem to be foreigners those were arrested in Istanbul and the northwestern province of Kocaeli.

Turkish anti-terrorism forces had to face a failure previous year as a number of bloody strikes were carried out by the Islamic State or Kurdish militants, has been enhencing its anti-terrorism attempts against the Islamist fighters in homeland.

Nonetheless, one of the most dangerous Islamist militant organizations has claimed responsibility for a New Year Eve largest openfire at an Istanbul nightclub that shot dead 39 people, while Islamic State’s senior leaders also claimed to have its several sectors in Turkey.
Some of the arrest people were engaged in illegal activities when police raided suddenly.

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