Turkish Airlines Flight To Toronto Evacuated After Suspicious Note

After discovering the words ‘BOMB TO TORONTO’ on the bathroom wall in a Turkish Airlines plane, Flight TK-17 Istanbul, cabin crew immediately evacuated and everything remained safe.


A suspicious note ‘BOMB TO TORONTO’ stunned all who discovered it on the wall of bathroom on Flight TK-17 during its pushback from the entrance hence cabin crew of the Turkish Airlines rapidly sent away passengers as flight had to fly to Toronto Pearson International Airport from Ataturk International Airport Istanbul, a Turkish Airlines press official revealed by addressing to reporters.

When asked airline, said plane and its passengers were experiencing security procedures before learning a suspicious note, so everything had controlled at the spot as plane moved back to its parking mark. If latest reports are believed to be that airport authorities has been arranged new plane for the flight to Toronto.

On other hand, on 17 February, a sudden expression of support for the Muslim community came out as response to a small short-lived anti-Islam demonstration outer surface a downtown Toronto mosque.

A number of people were holding self-made poster revealing words ‘No Islam’, gathered outside of a mosque, Masjid Toronto that believes the heart of downtown Toronto. Although security forces turned the location but before their arriving, protestors had already went away.

Nonetheless, a Facebook event for the initial protest has disclosed that those were part of the anti-Islam protest, would go to the court hearing of Eric Brazau who is a Toronto man who was found guilty of deliberately trying to encourage against Muslims and harassing a Muslim man illegally, was taken in custody reportedly previous week for countering a protest against the 45th United States president.

Although, it is reported to be in the event that those were part of the protest, would then march from the courthouse to a mosque with signs against Islam.

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