Turkey Removes Women Military Officers’ Headscarf Ban, Erdogan Respects Religious Beliefs

Finally Turkish authorities have agreed to remove Islamic headscarf ban which was imposed on female army officers in the country, now they all have right to cover their heads by following religious rule, reported state media.


Turkey has announced ban on women from state military that they can’t wear Islamic headscarf, although following the Islamic-rooted government under Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s reforms, has been allowed all Muslim women to wear religious symbol by working in institutes as education, police and politics.

However, the Turkish defense ministry issued an order that imposes to women who are working official entities as command headquarters, general staff, and other branches belonging to government institutions, state news agency reported on 22 February.

The latest move allows all official females workers to cover their heads using scarves underneath cap or beret but color should be same as their uniform, while they can’t cover their faces.

Binali Yıldırım, the prime minister of Turkey, addressed state reporters based news conference at his offices in Ankara, considered that lifting headscarf ban that is seemed to be not a negative move.

The reform comes into action after it was published in state newspaper, applies on military women routine work but it wasn’t confirmed that these ladies have to cover their heads during battling or special missions.

The Justice and Development party (AKP) which is a ruling organization in Turkey, had weeks longer attempted for removal of headscarf ban on female cadets, although the party Recep Tayyip Erdoğan known as co-founder of the ruling party.

Erdogan, has won trust of state people by establishing praiseworthy moves those come under Islamic values, has given right to Muslims to express their religious beliefs without feeling any fear, even though the 12th president is committed to secularism.
Most important, the move receives no criticism from opposition.

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