Turkey Believes Assad Regime Can’t Establish Peaceful Syria Ever

The Syrian current President Bashar al-Assad can’t establish a united and peaceful Syria even he didn’t do this since took office; Turkish administration believes.


President Bashar al-Assad took office in 17 July 2000, since then couldn’t set up peace in his nation and five years longer a civil war between the Assad regime and anti-government rebel forces has been devastated Middle East country.

Ibrahim Kalin, who is a spokesperson for the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, told in his media addressing in Ankara 13 January (on Friday), Syrian president Assad’s regime wouldn’t set up united and peaceful nation until his remaining ruling, even couldn’t establish friendly ties with Turkey so far.

Nonetheless, if reports are to be believed so Russians have been supporting the Syrian president while on other side, Turkish forces have been helping all militant groups in a country in Western Asia crushing the civil war.

Although, tensions have produced huge humanitarian crisis in the nation, hundreds of thousands of people had to displace from their residences and moved towards safe havens. A large number of people have moved to European countries while other turned other nations.

Nevertheless, the United States along with its allies, have been requesting Russia to use its power on the president Assad ruling to peace back in this Middle East nation who have devastated by years long war.

Russian remained successful previously to create a ceasefire between battling groups allowing humanitarian groups to send their teams providing aid to victims of civil war.

Spokesperson for Turkish president Erdogan, said in his statement that battling has stopped for the past few weeks respectively in Syria after the successful negotiations among the Assad regime, Russia and rebel forces.

Ibrahim Kalin also described that Erdogan’s regime was prepared to be a part of various talk tables with Russia on Syria.

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