Trump Orders Border Wall Construction, Dramatic Measures Blocking Illegal Immigration

On Wednesday afternoon, United States president Donald Trump has signed a pair of executive by enhancing immigration enforcement attempts, issued orders instant building of a wall on the southern border, announced regarding its moves during his speech at the Department of Homeland Security.


Mr. Trump is on way to fulfill his commitment, to throw out drugs dealer, criminals, underworld gangs and cartel leaders because these have been destroying their nation carrying out wrong acts. Trump’s administration has vowed to expel all bad ones from the America.

He also added that United States has persecuted owing to those who have entered in his nation illegally, learnt their southern border is thought to be gateway for illegal migrants and now soon will be expelled from United States.

He also highlighted immigration reform measures will show satisfying results regarding US ties with Mexico and will help both nations pushing illegal immigration out from Central America even removal of violent cartel networks would also be possible soon.

Mr. Trump has faith that his advance ‘dramatic measures blocking illegal immigration’ has started and will be helping US to improve security matters.

Apparently, the 45th United States President will get back control of its border lines as some bad people had been helping so long to illegal immigrants.

One of the executive orders of Trump, demanding immediate construction of physical wall on border with Mexico who has to pay for it, though is that part of the 70-year-old president’s signature campaign promises.

Sean Spicer, press secretary for White House, described that Trump’s security advance considers positive move that will surely protect US from the bad guys who use border lines to enter our nation with bad intentions.

United States had decided everything to open a new chapter, while Mexico has to pay for this certainly, hence project will be launched after receiving money from Mexico.

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