Trump Fired Acting Attorney General For ‘Betraying’ The Justice Department

On Monday trump fired acting attorney general Sally Quillian Yates, she was accused not to follow the legal order, and she don’t enforce them which was designed for the protection of citizen of America. Yates didn’t enforce the orders as she was not convinced that they were lawful.


Sally Quillian Yates is an American lawyer she served as attorney general and deputy attorney general and has been appointed by Barack Obama on both posts. She has a great career in justice department and has successfully completed her 27 years in the field.

Yates was fired from the post of American acting attorney general by the newly appointed president because she denied to enforce ordered received from white house as she think were not lawful.

According to white house official Yate betray the justice that disqualifies her from the post. Yets was the only person with authority to approve international surveillance warrants.

About three decades, Sally Yates has served Presidents of both parties, defending the Constitution and holding terrorists and other criminals accountable. As Yates’ replacement Dana Boente, was the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

It is being considered a dramatic clash between the president and the nation top justice officials. The president order has stopped the refugee from entering the country.

President has banned 7 Muslim countries. He thinks that the law is for the security of American citizen. The newly law is being condemn world widely and is not being accepted.

Boente was sworn privately and was ordered to follow the order of president, Boente said that he is honored to work for president and he will follow the order and enforce the rule which is good for nation and protect the citizen of America. He further said at present he is not convinced that orders are consistent and lawful.

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