Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World 2017

There are lots of aspects concerned to determine which country is the most powerful country in the world, first and leading is that the country that has the powerful military in the world is perceptibly powerful, but this alone should not be concerned and considered while ranking the most powerful countries in the world.

While a country’s power index, military force, defense budget and weapon matters but on the positive side people should also look on how the country uses its power for the welfare of the country, the income per capita, development and relations with others particularly with neighboring countries matters a lot, so for the sack of this list we have not considered the nuclear weapons of the country.

So here we have list of top 10 most powerful countries in the world 2017.

10: Italy

Italy is officially known as Italian Republic, is a European country which is situated in the heart of Mediterranean Sea; this country has such good relations with many countries of the world therefore it shares open land border with Austria, Slovakia, France, Vatican City and San Marino. It is third largest country in Europe in respect of population which is about 61 Million; it has played a key role in the European and world political, cultural and military matters so it has also strongest economy in euro zone so it has strong military and income per capita which is $30,294.


9: Canada

Canada in another one of the biggest countries of the world which is situated in the northern half of North America so it covers large area of the world which is about 9.98 million square kilometers so it is second largest country of the world with respect to area with total population of 36 million inhabitants; it is mostly called as the neutral country as Canada has close ties with two superpowers of the world United Kingdom and United States that made this ever more strong; despite of this, inhabitants of country are enjoying good standard of life with large income per capita.


8: Netherland

Netherland is main constituent country of the Kingdoms of Netherlands, as country is small but densely populated; country is situated in the Western Europe, it has great importance in European because it has largest port of the continent; despite of this, Netherland is also largest exporter of agriculture and food products after that of United States. This country has also strongest and largest economy which is sixth most in the European Union countries so income per capita is about $44,828, it has also great defense because used lot of budget on the defense of the country.


7: Japan

Japan is leading country of the world in respect of technology which is situated in the east of Asia; it is also called as Land of rising sun, the population is tenth largest in the world which is about 127 million in which Tokyo is the most populated city of the country. Despite of this, it has strong financial system ranks fourth worldwide, aided by its automobile industry, and science; as talk about the military then this country has included in most secure because spending large budget on the defense, Japan is small country in area but biggest in many resources.


6: France

France is officially known as French Republic, is a unitary sovereign state and transcontinental country consisting of land in western Europe and several overseas regions, France is also a small country has total area 119,394 square kilometers with estimated population about 2,718,000 inhabitants. It is also called as influential country which provides high standard of life for its inhabitants, so country always shows good presence in the matters and international issues; it is also recognized as permanent and strong member of United Nation’s Security Council to enhance its global diplomacy, country has also large income per capita.


5: United Kingdom

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is also simply called as only United Kingdom is a famous country in Western Europe, it is known as one of the biggest and strongest country which covers total area about 242,500 square kilometers with 65.1 million inhabitants of the country. United Kingdom is also proved itself more powerful in military aspects because it is also one of the superpower of the world therefore called as top 7 economies with estimated $43,902 income per capita, the UK continues to work out authority through its leadership of commonwealth countries and also largest military in respect of personnel.


4: Germany

Germany is federal parliamentary republic in central-western Europe which is officially known as Federal Republic of Germany, it covers total area about 357,021 square kilometers with the estimated population 82 million inhabitants so called as the largest populated country of the European Union members. As country is also better known for its largest economy so income per capita of the region estimated $41,267, Germany is also making its fair name in the field of technology and has one of the strongest army presence which is also ranked in top 10 in the world.


3: China

China is officially known as People’s Republic of China which is situated in the east of Asia; it is called as the largest country of the world with respect to population which is about 1.381 billion; China is a great power and a key regional power within Asia, and has been differentiate as a potential superpower. Country is showing its presence all around the world by increasing its power of economy military and according to reports, China will surpass the United States in Super power of the world in 2030 so despite of large population, China is making progress in every field of life.


2: Russia

Russia is another federal state which is officially known as Russian Federation, it is also biggest country in the world in respect of area which is about 17,075,200 square kilometer with also large population which is 146.1 million, and it also remained world super power of the world for a long time. It is called as second in respect of military capabilities so country always shows great interest in the international issues of the world; despite of this, Russia is also largest exporter of weapons all around the world so it has also appreciated income per capita.


1: United States

The United States tops the United Nation’s list of countries in case of income per capita, it is the third most populated country in the world, it also heads the power index on four parameters, namely military, economic, technological, and foreign affairs abilities, the US looks set to continue on the top of the list for at least another decade or even more due to its power. It is also largest producer of food and agriculture products; it has also strongest army with new technological weapons, it has total area about 3.8 million with more than 324 inhabitants, so country has always active presence in all international issues of the world.


Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World 2017
Rank Country Name
1 United States
2 Russia
3 China
4 Germany
5 United Kingdom
6 France
7 Japan
8 Netherland
9 Canada
10 Italy

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