Top 10 Best And Worst Airlines In The World 2017

Travelling by air is now very common these days because is much fastest as well as comfortable source of travelling therefore all airlines of the world are ranked every year due to their qualities, the rankings of airlines are based on the impersonation and reviews of more than 19.2 million travelers from 104 different countries.

so the survey is conducted every in the sack of checking performance of every airline of the world as the survey, which covered more than 280 airlines all over the world, deliberate 41 parameters ranging from boarding procedures to seat comfort to the quality of service with the behavior of employees so there are large number of airlines working in every country of the world.

So here is the list of top 10 best airlines in the world 2017.

10: Lufthansa
Lufthansa Airlines is also called as Deutsche Lufthansa AG is the biggest German airline and, when joined and collective with its subsidiaries, this made this also the largest airline in Europe, both in terms of passengers carried and fleet size, it also has large service all around the world because they operate 18 domestic destination as well as 197 destination in about 78 countries of the world. According to reports, Airline has more than 615 planes therefore holds the record of carrying 106 million in a single year, despite of this; it has also best service with luxurious journey.


9: Eva Air
EVA Air Corporation is second largest Taiwanese international airline based at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei, Taiwan, Airline is operating passenger and enthusiastic cargo services to over 40 international intentions or places in Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America, as this Airline is one of the newly made because it was formed in 1989. According to reports, this airline is largely private owned airline of the world, due to it specification and quality service, called as the 5-star airline, despite of this, it is also known as third safest air service of the world, it has about 70 aircrafts in service.


8: All Nippon Airways
Another luxurious airline of the world is All Nippon Airways cooperation limited, as airline is also largest in Japan, airline is operates in both international and domestic level, it was found in 1952 and from that time it in best airways of the world and now this Airline is largest share holder in Peach. It was made 5-star airline of the world in 2013, it has more than 207 aircrafts which are operation in more 80 international and domestic destinations; despite of this, there are some other airlines of the country which are owned by ANA including Air wings, Peach, Air Do, Vanilla Air and Air Japan.


7: Etihad Airways
Airline which is number in its first class services and getting this award for this honor for last four years is none other than Etihad Airways that is also second largest airline company in United Arab Emirates, as it is interesting to know that, airline was formed in 2003 but took very small time to be the best one in the world. Etihad Airways is operating more than 1000 flights per week in which they are carrying 14.8 million passengers per year, despite of this; it is also third largest airline of Middle East; now it has more than 125 planes which are operating in 120 destinations all over the world as it also includes small kind of investment from Virgin Australia.


6: British Airways
British Airways which is also often called as only BA, as it is largest airline of United Kingdom in respect to size of Aircrafts; it was formed in 1974, as it has comprehensive number of planes which are about 295 which are operating in more than 180 international as well as domestic destinations. It was merged in Iberia in 2011, as talk about the Boeing 747-400 super aircraft, and then this airline is the largest operator of this model with more than 56 registered, so due to its quality services so far called as luxurious airline because second largest passenger carrying airway in its country.


5: Virgin Atlantic/Virgin Australia
Virgin Atlantic which is also called as Virgin Australia, it is second largest airway of the country but largest in terms of number of aircrafts, it was formed with the mutual cooperation of famous business man Richard Branson in 1999 but started its services in 2000. It started with the operation of only two planes only on a single route but now operating in more than 54 domestic as well as international destinations with 124 crafts, airline introduced business class in 2012 which made this most prominent and luxurious airline with best services, due to its quality services, its employees won five 2009 service excellence awards from the Customer Service Institute of Australia.


4: Cathay Pacific
Cathay pacific is the official or national airline of Hong Kong as this airline is one of the oldest one in the world because it was founded in 1946; despite of this, it is also largest one around the globe, Cathay Pacific is operating its service in 200 international and domestic destinations in 52 countries of the world. Therefore according to reports, service is carrying about 37 million people in a calendar year; more amazing, airline made the world’s first non-stop transpolar flight flying over the North Pole in July 1998 so company has about 143 planes including cargo service crafts.


3: Singapore Airlines
National Airlines of one of the richest countries of the world is Singapore Airlines therefore called as the icon and National symbol of the country, it was founded in about 70 years ago in 1947, so airline includes many airline related subsidiaries; it has also largest passenger aircraft of the world which is Airbus A380. It has also named as the second largest airline of the world by International Air Transport Association in 2010 and won $14 million, despite of this, it is also called as luxurious airline because of its services and quality; they are operating 107 planes in 64 destinations around the world.


2: Qantas
Qantas Airways Limited is the national airline of Australia and its biggest airline by fleet size, international destinations and international flights, more important, It is the third oldest airline in the world, after KLM and Avianca; it was founded in November 1920 but started its international passenger flights in May 1935. It is also named as ‘The Flying Kangaroos’; they are operating in 85 international and domestic destinations with their 118 planes; despite of this, airline is the founding member of One world airline alliance so airline is best known for its best services and luxurious crafts.


1: Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand is the national airlines of the country; it was founded in 1940; as airline has limited operation because operating just in 16 countries of the world with 31 international and 21 domestic destinations; despite of this Air New Zealand s also the member of Star Alliance since 1999. This airline started its official international flights in 1965 so they are now carrying more than 14.29 million passengers every year, airline has won the award of best economy class in the world from last 4 years, so they are operating with 57 planes, it is also called as the safest airline of eh world.


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