Tom Cruise’s Mother Mary Lee Dies At The Age Of 80

Handsome actor Tom Cruise lost her mother few days ago, his mother name was Mary Lee South she was no more with him Tome Cruise mother was died due to bad health issue last week she was went to sleep and never awaked up her mother was of 80.


Tom Cruise mother Mary Lee South worked very hard to make her sons dream complete she was a great lady with a great and charming son name Tom Cruise; the last memorial was set at her local Church of Scientology on this weekend.

Tom Cruise was there with his three sisters Lee Ann Devette, Cass Mapother, and Marian Henry; Tom Cruise is now of 54 years, Tom Cruise and his mother was very close to each other he loves his mother very much.

Tom Cruise said in one of his interview that he gets pushback from his mother a lot which gave him confidence for acting his mother Mary Lee Pfeiffer was a teacher on the time of her marriage with Tom Cruise father, that marriage was unsuccessful and broke up then Tom Cruise mother got married again with Jack South.

Tom Cruise father Mapother was died in 1984 because of cancer, that was a bad time for Tom Cruise but his mother take care of him a lot and never let him down in any cause which make him strong for his career and he also never let her mother down about her efforts which she done for him.

Meanwhile Tom Cruise enjoyed a close and beautiful relationship along with his mother, Tom is extraordinarily shut with her mother she played an important role in his life and it was very hurtful incident for Tom Cruise, he is upset a lot and missing her friendly mother very much.

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