Thousands Residents Flee Eastern Aleppo, Syria As Syrian Regime Forces Advance

Lebanon: Thousands of Syrian civilians fled after fierce fighting Syrian city Aleppo as Syrian Government give an advance notification to rebel held territory to move within a mile of slicing the city.


A large number of rebel-held city people have begun to flee off eastern Aleppo with government forces taking the significant edge to flee the rebel held people from the rebel held territory as the Rebel-held city defense forces appear to be rapidly failing by the attacks of government backed forces.

The government forces which was on the way to clear the area from rebels, the government forces succeeded in taking control of third of the opposition held area.

The Syrian city has been divided into two major parts since 2012, the city’s first part of the city have strong regime held where government forces have preventing the people from any of rebels attack.

while the second part huge part of the city has captured by rebels and running their own regime but the government forces recently vows to take down the rebels by attacking on the rebels and recapturing the areas’ residents.

The rebel and Activist leader revealed government regime forces displaced almost 16,000 people in the Syria city over past few days according to United Nations reports.

However, it was reported at least 500 people killed in offensive past few days while there are thousand people who were injured in the regime government and rebels’ rampage that have lead by President Bashar al-Assad’s troops.

The Humanitarian Chief of United Nation have revealed, although they are expected more rebel held civilians will flee but there reportedly left no functioning hospital in the area and the food stock also will vanish soon so the government should have to take necessary steps regarding these points.

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