Theresa May And Donald Trump Agreedon Importance Of NATO In Second Telephone Call

The exchange of words between United States President-elect Donald Trump and United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May seen much significant as the two leaders of two world power states agreed on the importance of NATO during their second Phone call communication.


The United States 45th President-elect Donald Trump exchange words with United Kingdom’s Prime Minster Theresa May via telephone call on 29th November’s afternoon to discuss on the matter of NATO importance.

The shockingly won President-elect Donald Trump have linked no reference to the former UKIP leader despite highlighting the furious Transatlantic row about his last week of controversies.

The second telephone call to U.K’s Prime Minister Mrs. May by U.S President-elect billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump is to exchange phrases over the importance of NATO and finally two leaders agreed on the significant deal of NATO.

The U.S authorities have been attempting to agree the U.K Prime Minister over NATO since after the U.S Election 2016 on 8 November.

Reportedly, Theresa May on Monday afternoon called recently elected republican President Donald Trump in effort to establish the regular dialogues before he joins the Presidential office in January of next year, the Downing Street claimed.

The British Prime Minister and U.S President-elect also discussed on the needs of their countries and also commit to spent almost 2 percent on the country defense from national income.

Although two leaders agreed on the accord of meeting of their countries National Advisors in United States before the ending of current year as well as the No 10 reportedly said, the face to face meeting agreement at the earliest possible opportunity happened after the previous phone call from Donald Trump’s side.

The NATO talks are in news because earlier the victory of republican, he was critically described NATO as obsolete during campaign.

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