The Truth Behind Jennifer Lopez And Drake Romance Is Revealed Now

The Jennifer and Drake Romance got media eyed when Jennifer posted and Drake photo in which they were cuddling after her show last week in Las Vegas.


According to the media sources, The Canadian Rapper Drake visited Jennifer’s Residency shows on December 10, 2016. Both celebrities then took the selfie which Jennifer posted on her Instagram account with a caption “Lotta those” and love eyes emoji.

Firstly, these were news that both of these celebrities, the former American Idol Judge and a Canadian Rapper are not engaging with each other but they are doing music together.

After that reports told that this was not just making music together but they are actually involved in each other and they are officially dating. Jennifer and Drake were trying to keep it secret as they said they are making music together.

Jennifer Lopez, 47 is an American pop star, designer, actor and author remain in media eye because of her performances. Drake, 30 is a rapper professional singer, confessed his love for Rihanna, 28-year lady singer known all over the world for her acting in movies and songs in the MTV Video Music awards held in August.

Drake presented her the Vanguard Award and surprised people by giving her a kiss instead of purposing as thought by many people there. Things between Drake and Rihanna seems didn’t work out so Drake decided to move on and flirt with some other hot women Like Jennifer Lopez, 47.

An international source explained how the Jennifer and Drake had been secretly dating for several weeks. The age gap between them doesn’t bother them anymore as they are having fun together.

The news now is the relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Drake is just for gaining fame. Chris Booker, a radio and TV personality who used to date Jennifer sister, Linda gave some details with regards to the dating reports of the two celebrities. He said that these celebrates are doing this just to gain publicity.

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