The Pro-Refugee Demonstrators Raised Slogans To Disrupt The Australian Parliament House

Canberra: The Questioning time in the Australian House of Representatives had been suspended for about 40 minutes because the Rowdy demonstrators protested with slogans against Australian government detention of refugees on remote camps.


At least 30 pro-refugees demonstrators protested against Australian House of Representatives on Wednesday that have caused chaos at the Parliament House.

The Questions Time has suspended for about 40 minutes in the Australian House of Representatives because the demonstrators start shouted slogans on 30 November against the detention of refugees on remote camps in Nauru, New Guinea’s Manus Island and Papua.

The Speaker of Australian House of Representatives Tony Smith adjourned the proceedings while the security forces and the cops of Federal were removing the demonstrator from chamber.

The Australian Federal Police and Security forces had drawn some chaotic scene in which the security guards of the Parliament dragging number of demonstrators from the public gallery where many were screaming “Do not hurt me”.

Close to 30 demonstrators were shouting in the Public gallery pushed off from House of Representatives where the country’s lawmakers regularly held a 90 minute session in which the Government Ministers have been questioned by opposition’s legislators about their portfolios in the questioning session.

The demonstrators were annoyed with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the protesters once again reached the Parliamentary public gallery and called the Mr. Prime Minister to suspend the parliament and leave the chamber.

Another protest was recorded where 20 protesters armed in public area at the center of Australian Parliament.

the demand of the shouters was only to resettle the refugees whom they sent to remote camps have difficulty to reach their shores by boats or other resources but the security officials forcefully dragged the demonstrators into lift and sent them to the basement of the House of Representative’s building.

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