The Arab-American Comedian Sits Next To Donald Trump’s Son Eric Trump On A Flight To Scotland

Prominent Muslim-American stand-up comedian Mohammad Amer got the lifetime gift when he boarded his flight from New Jersey, Newark to Glasgow, Scotland and get to know he is sitting next to United States President-elect Donald Trump’s son.


Washington/ U.S: the Arab-American comedian Mohammad Amer has received an unbelievable lifetime gift when he was kicking off United Kingdom tour this week and making his way to Scotland.

The comedian stunned for a while when he come to know he is sitting next to Eric Trump who is a businessman as well as the third child and second son of United State recently won Republican President-elect Donald Trump.

The strange atmosphere founds when Mohammad Amer gets the front of Jet Bridge, the atmosphere thoroughly changed when common people found a celebrity appearance between them.

The Arab based comedian captured a snap with Eric Trump and posted it on Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday night with a caption, “Hey guys heading to Scotland to start the U.K. Tour”, with intense gladding expression the comedian added, “ I am “randomly” chosen to sit next to none other than Eric Trump.”

The son of President-elect Donald Trump Eric Trump has got a new friend amid flight and ended his journey after a stream of questioning from the Muslim comedian over the strict policies of his father.

The Arab-American Muslim boy was on the way of ongoing gossips with Eric and after getting a quite happy answer from Eric Trump over the Muslim community.

he added he managed to ask either the President-elect Donald Trump will dump his stringent controversial plan to set up registry for Muslim countries? The posted answer of the question reads as Muslim will not check and the government will manage to give ID’s.

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