Tensions Escalate Between Donald Trump and Black Leaders

As everything is eminent, tensions have been increasing between recently elected United States president Donald J. Trump and black leaders, though he met secretly at Trump Tower with the eldest son of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on 16, January, 2017 on the holiday devoted to the civil rights hero.


We learnt the reason of sudden but hurriedly arranged gathering, actually Trump quarreled publicly with Representative John Lewis, Democrat of Georgia who battled for civil rights along with Dr. King.

Newly elected United States president to take office on 20 January, 2017 (Friday), while has been facing lots of challenges and expected to be, has to tackle further difficulties in future.

Trump has lost the trust of minorities across the country, though a large number of people got upset by his baseless accusations that President Obama was born outside the United States, shocked that his candidacy drew support from racial oppressor associations, and frightened at approach proposition they consider contradictory to their interests.

On January 16, Trump avoided to address those subjects, showing in the lobby to allow news cameras capturing photographs of him by shaking hands with Martin Luther King III, although ignored reporters those who had lots of questions regarding their secret talks as well his words about Mr. Lewis.

However, Trump has unconfirmed plans visiting the Smithsonian Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington, so whole nation got silence remembering Dr. King, had been put on hold in favor of secret meeting.

Although, according to Mr. Trump, reporters have an opportunity to see him along with Mr. King but asking questions had disallowed because of privacy related issues.

While Mr. King described that his meeting with newly elected United States president consisted of subject related voting rights, had been beneficial, added saying that Trump has excitement presenting him as comprehensive.

A large number of Americans are against the negative concepts of Donald Trump, as well said to be he might have problem for minorities during his ruling.

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