Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik Collaborate For Filming Of “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” At London

One of the most popular American female singers Taylor Swift has reportedly joined Zayn Malik for filming of her upcoming duet music video I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.


The 23-year-old old English male pop and American Diva, both will share screen by romancing each other though the song has lifted from the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker.

According to latest reports, the music video will rock all over the world, while the 27-year-old sexiest Swift departed from Nashville to London where she turned the five-star St Pancras Renaissance to join crew.

It said to be that Pancras Renaissance ranks one of the most expensive hotels in London, offers more than $3,000 (£2,500) per night. It appeared to be that “Shake It Off” singer has all set to face havoc in hotel room as Malik will reportedly seen smashing items, pulling curtains.

Some insiders have reported that Malik and Swift have stopped all their tasks to enjoy first collaboration at the five-star St Pancras Renaissance.

If source statement is to be believed, Malik to appear showing emotional behavior as ripping apart pillows, hitting lamp, pulling curtains, all these are part of the script.

Malik is first time to appear carrying out trash in music video first time, though smoke alarms were turned off on the nearby floors but officials have already informed all for some disturbance so it doesn’t matter.

However, Swift will also be seen hitting a mirror in the bathroom at a point in the video while choreographer has planned carefully some scenes of the footage.

Malik put on dapper and Swift beautify her slinky body with garters and heels, though fans are so excited for release of the video.

Taylor Swift allegedly took off alone from Nashville and landed London.

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