Swiss Parliament Rejects Bill To Ban Islamic Full-Face Veil (Burqa)

Upper House Swiss parliament rejects the controversial bill in which Muslim women veil is suggested to ban in the public places. In September, last year this bill was approved by the lower House parliament that’s why its comes to Upper House.


In Switzerland only the five percent of its population are Muslim. According to their lawmaker, they are suggested to make a voted against or in the favor of this bill including entire parliamentarian to becomes law. If they want to make it as the part of law then they are required about one Lac signatures to pass this bill.

Another law maker cleared that it is strongly rejected that any person or the government do not decided to make changes in the religion education and orders according to their decisions. All the peoples of the country have rights to perform their religion activities under their manners defined in his religion.

The entire Muslim world and specially the Muslim community of Switzerland are happy and thankful to the Upper parliamentarian who saves them to disobey the Islamic way.

This problem was not only faced by the women of Switzerland but in all the European Countries they are treated badly and irritate them in so many ways to leave wearing Veil. They look them as well as their own women in some immoral dresses which are strictly not allowed in Islam and in any Islamic environment or countries.

As soon as British admire many Islamic effects which are very effective and necessary for build a peaceful society and after takes some time to know the real purpose of this face covered veil.

In all the Muslim countries it is considered much respectable manner to come out a woman in face covered veil from her house. It increases the respect of woman in front of unfamiliar men.

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