Sunil Grover To Quit Kapil Sharma’s Show Due To Fight Between Them

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover fight during a flight in which Kapil is reported to attack Sunil verbally and physically. I will talk to Sunil and get him back on my show he has not left Kapil Sharma Show; said by Kapil Sharma.

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Kapil Sharma is an actor, produce television presenter and a standup comedian, and hosting two comedian show named, ”The Kapil Sharma show and Comedy nights with Kapil”. Sunil Grover is also an Indian actor and stand-up comedian, his famous characters include Gutthi, Mashoor Gulati, Rinku bhabhi and Suryaparkash and a few others.

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover have been friends for many years and have worked together in” comedy nights with Kapil” and “The Kapil Sharma Show”.

There was an altercation between Kapil and Sunil on March 18, when they were returning from Australia where they perform a stage show. Reports suggest that Sharma was drunk and verbally and physically attacked Sunil.

Sunil is very hurt now and has decided not to work with Sunil Sharma whereas Kapil said that Sunil is like my younger brother, I shouted at Sunil at first time during our five years bonding career.

We will sit and talk about all the matter that where is the problem, I love Grover as an artist and as an human being. Kapil Sharma also abused the other team members Ali Asghar, Kiku Sharda and Bumper Lottery by calling them “Per day artists”. Sunil did not have told even a word about Kapil but unfollow Kapil on twitter whereas Kapil is still following him.

Reports suggest that Sunil is much dishearten from Kapil’s cruel behavior and has no intention to go to show again. He also shouted on Chandan, another character of Kapil Sharma Show so for they will not perform together.

It has been said that Kapil has canceled the Sunil’s film “Coffee with D”. Moreover Kapil has apologized Sunil at his misbehavior, we have to wait for the weekly laughs with Kapil and his all team members.

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