Suicide Blast Outside The Supreme Court In Kabul 20 People Dead

Afghan Ministry of Health said 20 people were killed and 41 people were injured and some are in serious condition. Senior Police Member said the suicide bomber targeted employees of the Supreme Court when they leaving their office there was no initial claim of responsibility for the blast.


The suicide bomber have entered in parking lot where the security guards on the duty when they checks him he detonated the explosives.
President Ashraf ghani condemned attack as a “crime against humanity and unforgivable act”

Afghan chief executive also condemned this attack on twitter he said” The blood of our people is not cheap and won’t be wasted”

Last month two suicide blast near the Parliament in Kabul at least 36 people were killed and dozens are wounded and the Taliban accepted the responsibility of this attack, Kabul is capital city of the Afghanistan.

According to the new reports from UN more than 11000 people were killed and injured in 2016 it is highest value of civilian are killed in single year.

reports shows that 3498 killed last year,923 were children anti-government militant Taliban are behind two third casualties.

ISIS Terrorist increase its presence in Afghanistan and its attacks also increase. The Afghan security forces fail to fight against Taliban and ISIS. Taliban control on Afghanistan increase after when US and Nato Militant withdrew at 2014.

America attacked on Afghanistan in 2001 after the Suicide attacked on world trade center in USA they Eliminated the Taliban government and made new precedent. But the USA army did not full control on Afghanistan.

some of the areas of Afghanistan are under control of the Taliban militant and Al-qaida.and while ISIS also increase his power and also involve suicide bombing in Afghanistan.

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