Sudan-After 28 Years Their Deputy President Nominated As A First Prime Minister

Hassan Saleh Bookertake oathas the first PM of Sudan. First prime Minister of Sudan Bakri Hassan Saleh designated as per the appointed by the President Umer Al-Bashir.


He is already working as a Deputy President of Sudan. As per the foreign media reports Ibrahim Mahmoud said that after meeting with high level party officials it was decided to nominate Bakri Hassan Saleh as the first prime minister of Sudan.

Mr. Hassan saleh having 68 years old become the part of the government of Sudan holding two positions like defence and interior minister of Sudan.

He was appointed as the first vice president of Sudan in 2013. He has been the chief of National Security and Intelligence Agencies and wok as a top level consultant on security issues. This was decided in the Wednesday leadership meeting held in the president house in Sudan.

After the approval of party leadership president named Al- Bashir, as the first prime minister and retaining their last vice-president post. If Hassan Saleh will maintain his post such as the first vice-president then no any conflict with establishment.

Her appointment will assure to take new inventions in the latest political era of Sudan. He will resolve all the issues of the opposition parties and the public sector of Sudan.

He was born in 1949 at Hafir Mashoo northern region of Sudan, Since 1989 military coup he is the only person to have remained in government which he supported after the results al-Bashir comes to power.

Bakri Hassan Saleh was appointed as per the decision of President Omar al-Bashir, according to Mahmoud, who stated at a news conference.

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