Star Wars 8: Leaked Trailer Divulges Luke Skywalker And Snoke Scenes In Last Jedi

It seems to be that Rian Johnson tried to send Star Wars saga’s fans into speculative whirl the way rolled out the title for the eighth major version of the fantasy-science fiction film series at start of the month, while fans also underwent confusions regarding its title.


It had been highly expected that production of Rian’s eighth directorial will be unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration event that is scheduled to occur in Orlando between 13 and 16 April, although fans have been finding out answer of their question, who actually is the last Jedi, a large number of fans deemed Luke while others Rey.

Apparently, the Last Jedi may involve over one Jedi as something its fans rapidly got, even questions such as would that spells both Luke and Rey are doomed? Has the Jedi Order collapsed for good?, are wondering here and there on internet.

Renowned on YouTube, Mike Zeroh, who known for bringing spoilers from the space action thriller, have claimed that the eighth installment to come crossways a trailer description that posted on 4Chan and has divulged a video featuring the same.


In the teaser, Finn waking up from a nightmare or coma and out of breath and sweating inside a medical bay, Zeroh started the description, while in the Force Awakens, the former Stormtrooper showed off with severe wounds, is being treated for his injuries those attained during combat with Kylo Ren.

Leaked Trailer

In next scene, an automatic door-sliding opens and pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) reaches into a room on a ship and asks ‘they are almost here,’ seems to be indicating its enemy, even latest leaked trailer also shows off Poe, Kelly Marie Tran and Finn infiltrating into a strange site dressed as the First Orders.

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