South Korean; Female Assassins Killed Kim Jong-Un’s Half-Brother In Airport Hit

South Korea: South Korea’s secret agency point out two feminine North Korean agents dead the step brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong global organization in Asian nation, lawmakers in Seoul aforementioned on weekday, as Malaysian medical authorities point out the cause of death.


The U.S. government sources also told Reuters they believed that North Korean assassins killed Kim Jong Name, who according to Malaysian police died on last week on his thanks to hospital from Malaysian capital International flying field.

The South Korean intelligence agency believed Kim Jong Nam was killed by poison spray, lawmakers said when being briefed by the country ‘secret special agency.

They said the secret agency told them that the young, unpredictable North Korean leader had issued a standing order for his step brother’s assassination, and that there had been a failed try as before in 2012.

Malaysian police told that the dead man was forty six years old; Police collected a passport from dead man under the name of Kim Chol. Kim Jong Nam was known as a person who spend a significant amount of his time outside from North Korea, he was also caught in past by traveled with wrong documents.

Kim Chol body was taken according to the report was on Wednesday morning to the second hospital where all the work done and North Korean embassy officials had arrived at the hospital and there coordinating with local authorities, police sources said.

According to the upcoming news the body of Kim Chol would be return to his family in Macau; Police of Malaysia told that a women was involved in the attack as the police saw the TV footage from the airport.

The South Korea’s TV Chosun, which is a cable TV network, showed that the government sources said that Kim had been poisoned with a needle by two women’s.

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