Somalia’s Capital Mogadishu Car Bomb Kills About 39, Injures 50

Somalia elected its new president on 18 February (Saturday), and a day after extremists showed their rage while carrying out a car bomb in a market of country’s capital Mogadishu on 19 Feb that killed about 39 people and wounded more than 50, authorities told media.


The of Madina district, located in southern side of the city, Ahmed Abdulle Afrax told reporters that a suicide bomber moved towards market having heavy explosive in his vehicle and blew up among the people.

The director of the Aamin ambulance service, Dr. Abdikadir Abdirahman mentioned that its crew has carried 39 dead bodies, while a number of people were wounded badly. On other side, Dr. Mohamed Yusuf, the manager at Madina hospital declared that 47 people were injured and taken to its medical center.

Abdulle Afrax further told extremists apparently have assessed the location as a large number of people as well as shoppers and traders are gather in market, hence suicide bomber was sent there who parked vehicle close to a restaurant and detonated when a huge crowed turned market.

Another eye witness told reporters that latest car bomb has devastated Wadajir marketplace badly, although attack is considered heaviest since Somalia elected its new president on February 8.

Nonetheless, no terror organization has claimed responsibility for the heaviest explosion so far while everyone believe that the attack comes from al-Shabab militants who are considered opposition for Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed government.

Most important, a senior leader for al-Shabab organization made public on Saturday to attack the supporters of current president of the nation.
After the unexpected explosion, metal sheets and pieces of wood scattered through the marketplace, even blast left women scarred who yelled loudly after watching huge destruction.

Though, rescue workers reached at the spot to shift bloodied bodies and injured people into nearest medical center.

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