Social Media Involved In Mall Violence, Suspected By Police

Due to social media, a series of incidents occurred and social media is related to these incidents in which a group of people, the majority of them teens, created disturbance and fought at many shopping malls in approximately 9 states according to authorities.


These disturbances occurred in malls from North Carolina to Arizona and many people are affected by these incidences and this also caused malls to be closed.

Some of these incidents are listed below

On Monday, seven people were arrested in Manchester, Connecticut at the shops at Buckland Hills according to the police department. Police department estimated that hundreds of teenagers were there on the scene and other police were called from other officer gets injured while he was trying to break up the fight. This incident occurred due to series of posts on the social media, Said by the department

A large group of teens caused the disturbance at the mall outside Cleveland’s disturbance occurred in evening around 6.30 p.m. According to the police department. This fight was loosely organised on social media according to the police department a teenager was arrested but no major injury was reported there.

At Fox Valley mall, in aurora Illinois several fights broke out Monday night, the situation was handled by the police by evacuating the premises. The reason for this fight was posting photos and videos on social media and this cause disturbance. According to the aurora police department, there are several fights which occurred at food courts on other location. Seven people were arrested according to the police department,75 officers from multiple police agencies arrived to assist the police.

A fight occurred at town center mall in aurora leading mall to close. A post on social media told people that they are going to fight. The police department said that this fight was planned on social media.5 people were arrested by the police.

Fort Worth, Texas police said that the disturbance was recorded in Hulen mall people are rescued by police. This was also under social media influence.

Other states
According to press, there are many other incidents that are reported in North Carolina, New York and new jerky and their chaos occurred in malls due to the post of social media. Police arrested several people in Memphis at two malls, according to the police department

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