Sidharth Malhotra Plans to Blast on his Birthday With Best Friends

Indian handsome actor Sidharth Malhotra has set all to make his birthday special this as planned to celebrate with all close friends even kicked his busy schedule to get some rest.


According to latest reports, he was born on 16 January, 1985, in Delhi into a Punjabi family, to father Sunil, a former captain in the Merchant Navy and mother Rimma Malhotra, a homemaker. He is spending entire time with his friends as well set everything to make upcoming moment memorable with his best friends.

Malhotra is one of the Bollywood young actors who made their profile prominent in short time, about to turn 32after some hours, though celebrating his birthday in Mumbai.

When asked about his birthday plans, said he is an extremely casual and doesn’t like to be dressed up but love to spend time with beloved friends. He added that is a big foodie, hence planned some more delicious food menu.

Nevertheless, continued saying ordered a special a chocolate cake even without this birthday doesn’t make sense. The lead star of the “Kapoor & Sons” also described that he doesn’t love to get gifts from his best friends because it makes him so joyful.

He said it gives very awkward sense when friends or people give gifts, though everyone everyone likes gift so do I… but he isn’t someone who goes by materialistic things.

Malhotra actually believes in gestures and prefers what people do for him, though he shared that one of his best friend took special cake for him from Mumbai to Goa that what makes happy but not any gift.

Sidharth had been attending busy schedule of his upcoming Bollywood film “Reload” in which will be seen opposite Jacqueline Fernandez in this year.

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