Shoot Out In Baltimore-The City Of US, 8 Wounded In Attack Including A Toddler

In the city of United States crimes rising day by day, recently in Baltimore 3 shooters headed a society to raise retaliatory violence on particular night of Saturday, three shooters injured eight people including a parent and three years old toddler girl.


Last night the city of United States, Baltimore shouted out with firing which headed by three suspects however, the Police have confirmed that three suspects fled the scene which includes a bearing and shotgun.

The other two ones had handguns. T.J. Smith who is the investigation officer and Chief of Media Relations at Baltimore Police tweeted, there are 8 people were injured in the deadly attack but the all ones are non-life threatening.

Chief of Media Relations at Baltimore Police T.J. Smith has also confirmed the father and his three years old toddler girl was headed to shoot out but luckily safe and also have no life threaten.

The Whole incident took place at the intersection of E. Preston Street and Greenmount Avenue nearly around 8:45 pm, crime scene is not far away from Baltimore Penn Station but three suspects are still missing and Police is in search of three shooters.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis went to the crime scene said; the shooting is kind of premeditated act of retaliatory violence in response to a Labor Day weekend. As the Labor Day weekend is that a man fatally killed by shooting while two women were wounded in which one of them was pregnant.

Davis interacts with media and said, the victims could have recognized the shooters although Police still unable to identify them but searching for suspects continuously.

As the shooting erupted outside the rowhouses only eight people wounded in which mostly are adult instead of a toddler.

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