Shahid Kapoor Shares First Awesome Click Of Her Daughter Misha Kapoor

Shahid kapoor is an Indian actor he was born on (25 of February 1981), He is also well known by another name called Shahid Khattar, He is working in bollywood films he is the son of Pankaj Kapur and Neelima Azeem, and He was born in Dehli he started background dancing in 1990s.

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He started his career in 2003 in his life he seen many difficulties as well he became world famous actor now days everyone knows him because of his great work in his every movie he is a great dancer as well.

If we talk about his personal life he is very much touch with the media first media show his affair with kareena kapoor after their movie Fida in which they work together, after that shahid kapoor refuse all blames which media put on them.

He is also cousin of kareena kapoor, finally in 2015 Shahid Kapoor told about her marriage with Mira Rajput. Mira Rajput was a student from New Delhi; she is thirteen years smaller then Shahid Kapoor both of them got married on seventh of July 2015.

Both of them gave birth to their daughter later, on 26 of August 2016. Recently Shahid kapoor uploaded Misha’s first picture on Instagram with her mother Mira Rajput. Picture is click of Misha and her mother was on wodeen floor.

Shahid Kapoor wrote on the picture of her daughter “Hello World” Response of Fans of shahid kapoor was very awesome on the first picture of Misha.

Misha picture gets 61000 likes in only half an hour people commented on picture rapidly, People show a lot love for Misha in their comments Some fans said that Misha is just a little Shahid Kapoor Some people said She is a future beautiful actress of Bollywood.

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