Shah Noorani Shrine Sealed After Suicide Attack, Killed 52 People While 100 Wounded

Karachi/ Pakistan: Provincial government has confirmed the Shah Noorani Shrine in Karachi has sealed for visitors after a heavy suicide explosion on Saturday evening till the security and safety measure not reaches to end.


The ever congested Shrine of Noorani Shah has been closed officially for visitor as the brutal rampage had halted on Saturday evening, the Saturday suicide attack’s death toll reaches to 52 while the reportedly more than hundred innocent injured.

Some of the injured people have been suffering from life threatening time period as they got several headache and chest injuries.

The suicide bomber blasted his explosive jacket meanwhile when Noorani Shah Shrine’s devotees were thoroughly engaged in cultural “Dhamaal”, the Shrine is some 200 km far away from Karachi city and near the Hub of Balochistan region Lasbella district.

The attack has created a massive violence as dozens were killed at sight at the rests are unable to be helped because he Shrine is located in mountain region and 200 kilometers far away from city, even the nearest hospital from the shrine is at least two hours far away.

The mobile network also not worked in the area so the victims are unable to contact with Police and rescue services, these all limitations ruined many lives.

However, the 16 injured personnel have been cured and discharged from the hospital today while there are 26 other who rushed to Karachi hospital and still receiving treatments.

Estimated death toll revealed is 52 among which 32 bodies have identified and handed over to their families while 20 bodies still unverified. The hospital authorities have been carrying out DNA test of rest of dead bodies to know their identification.

The Islamic state (IS) militant group has claimed responsibility of shrine attack in which 7 mm bullets and 7 kilogram explosive material used.

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