Seattle Court Temporarily Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban Nationwide

Seattle: On 3 February, Seattle court issued a nationwide ruling that temporarily halted United States president Trump’s travel ban on people from seven majority Muslim-nations as immigrants attempted to enter the US, hence lawyers made battled over the executive ban not only in Boston federal court even others.


James Robart, American District Judge in Seattle has taken a decision that both US states as Washington and Minnesota had position to challenge US president’s order, as these states have shown their demonstration was possibility to succeed.

While, Seattle District Judge penned in his written verdict that Trump’s executive order puts negative effects on occupants across the Washington and Minnesota, as well state’s public universities, also added that adverse effects are still continued and significant.

Nonetheless, Seattle court ruling is approved on a countrywide basis that banned Donald Trump’s travel ban’s enforcement, also mentioned that United States borders and ports of admission awaiting court’s more orders.

On other side, White House has taken decision on 3 February, fighting against the court ruling, issued an initial order called outrage order, tough considers executive order from US president a positive advance and lawful.

Seconds after, an updated report was issued by White House adding description called judge decision completely illegal or outrageous. Nonetheless, Seattle judge ruling comes just after Boston federal court verdict that was totally in favor of Trump administration, telling a more sign of messy legal battles happening across the nation.

Although, it supposed to be possibility of fight over the executive ban (blocks traveling) would wind up before Supreme Court.

Current United States president along with his supporters have announced, the 27 January executive order was established to make America safe from terrorism. It also has sparked marches in Boston and around the nation.

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