Scottish Member Of Parliament Michelle Thomson Incredibly Articulate Speech About Being Raped Aged 14

The colleagues of Scottish Member of the United Kingdom’s Michelle Thomson moved to tears on afternoon of 8th December when she extraordinary articulate her speech on account of her experience of being raped when she was only 14 years.


Scottish House of Commons laying out the opinions of Members of Parliament over a serious issue of violence against women yesterday afternoon, the crew of United Kingdom’s House of Parliament and members of Parliament moved to tears when a female Politician and Member of Parliament Michelle Thomson opened up her experience of being raped in teenage about 37-years ago.

The Edinburg West Member of Parliament Michelle Thomson recalled the terrifying experience of being raped in teenage in a debate over domestic violence against women.

the emotional speech ever has reduced colleagues and even Speaker John Bercow to tears, but the golden words of her speech are “I’m not a victim”, “I’m a survivor” in the horrifying world.

The 51-years old Ms. Thomson revealed her terrible memory about 37-years ago when she was returning to home with a known friend, he instead of dropping to home carried out in wood.

She lost her virginity in that incident that left the other members wiping over her including the United Kingdom’s Speaker John Bercow whose eyes visibly watered.

Michelle Thomson also unveiled in detail the rape that it was mercifully as quick as her all senses numbed.

The suspended member of SNP is currently sitting as an independent that chose to speak publically in an account for her raped experience first time amid the common debate on the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Ms. Thomson said, after losing her virginity in the age of 14 she walked to home crying, shivering and cold because she was in a sudden shock.

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