Scarlett Johansson Starrer ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Trailer Unveils Thrilling Woman

Paramount has released trailer of Scarlett Johansson starrer upcoming fantasy-science fiction film ‘Ghost In The Shell’ on 2 February via its official Youtube channel, reveals stunning Hollywood portraying super girl with super powers.

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After impressing fans showing her best in Lucy, Scarlett is back with one more exciting character called ‘The Major’, comes out in trailer fighting brutally her rivals, seems to be taking revenge that also indicates towards her mysterious past.

The teaser from ‘Ghost In The Shell’ gives use clues that the 32-year-old actress to bring action that what we haven’t seen so far. Scarlett appears to be takes bit interest in science fiction as Lucy showed remarkable growth in her career, may have decided to walk on this road.

After watching all trailers of film, we learnt ‘Ghost In The Shell’ suggests that film is about to beat most-liked iconic movies like The Matrix or Blade Runner in future as to have innovative cityscapes and atmospheric soundtrack.

Furthermore, if latest reports are to be believed those are indicating its storyline too, character ‘Major’ played by Scarlett Johansson as on way to know about her identity as well past as her character appeared saying ‘they didn’t save your life, stole it’, everything from trailers, have revealed a bundle of mysterious things in upcoming fantasy-science fiction film.

However, there was no disclosed actual nature of script, while the 32-year-old actress has shared with reporters during making of ‘Ghost In The Shell’, said that movie will be shocking for fans as to come with gritty kind of realness.

Scarlett starrer upcoming most-awaited venture based on the anime series illustrated and written by Masamune Shirow, though directed by Rupert Sanders, while one of the most beautiful Hollywood actress will be seen playing lead role called ‘The Major’ a special-ops cyborg.

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