Saudi Arabian King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Signs Billion-Dollar Deals In China

King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul Aziz estate arrives Beijing to make Saudi china relations more strong and to treat china reliable partner at the time of their difficulties moreover this is not a simple event this strategic one for Saudi Arabia’s future.


The key point of this visit is to build a linkage between a strategy named Saudi vision 2030 and China’s one belt and one road initiative. China welcomed Saudi Arabia as a partner in their one belt and one road initiative that leads towards connectivity among nations from Asia to America.

China was a stable export market for Saudi Arabia’s crude oil said xi jinping. After replacing with Russia, Saudi Arabia was a great oil supplier of china.

Instead of looking for a proxy in the Middle East we talk about to promote peace said by xi jinpingin.

Salman is running 1,500 strong businessmen companies, princes and support staff to a dozen aircraft companies. Along with Japan he earlier visited Indonesia Malaysia and Brunei.

China appreciates saudia being a safe oil supplier market in the world which is dependable too and the role played in the global oil market.

The key components of Saudi mission 2030 are to reduce their reliability on oil production. Improve infrastructure and boost industrialization while china has a great and outstanding capability in infrastructure contracture.

The king’s visit show China and Arabia enjoy a close relationship and have broad and common Interests, the two side will discuss enhancing cooperation in such areas as Trade, Economy, Security, technology and defense.

Saudi Arab remains china’s leading supplier of crude oil and the Largest trading partner in Asia, military cooperation between the two countries has also moved forward Steadily. The motive of king’s tour to Asia is to tell U.S that we can forge new partnership in U.S.

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