Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak Shows A Huge Display Of New Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an upcoming phone, which is coming soon in March 2017. It is going to be interesting leak news as there are many users of Samsung now day everyone liking there smart phones and happy from the features present in their cell phones, Mobile World is increasing rapidly now days everyone is going to gain up grade cells with all new features.

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2017 is going to be very excited for the users of Samsung as they are going to introduce new cell phone model name Galaxy S8, in some news photo and video leaks suggesting curved screens that will also be larger than the Samsung Galaxy.

According to leak information about upcoming Galaxy S8 is said to come in two different display sizes. The first one is of 6.2-inch and its will be called the Galaxy S8 plus and the 2nd is of 5.8-inch in size Cell phone is going to launch as Galaxy S8. While Blass didn’t mention which variant he has put out in pictures.

The possibility is that both the handsets are going to launch with same functions only the display size is going to different for the new coming Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8’s come out image shows about the cell phone outlook new phone is going to have dual curved edges display on sides, also there’s no home button the volume control keys is on the left side Separately, there are two buttons present there one is on the right side and another on the left.

In which one should be the power button and the other is going to be a dedicated button to launch Samsung’s new artificial intelligence powered voice assistant called Bixby.

Everyone is waiting for this Smartphone after leak picture of the cell phone the response of fans is not bad.

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