Russia Tests Trump’s Administration Deploying Cruise Missile, Violates Arms Treaty

Washington: Russia is said to be deployed a new cruise missile by violating a landmark arms control agreement and shows major challenge for United States president Donald Trump although his administration has been undergoing crisis over its relationships to the largest nation of the world, US officials told media.


However, Michael T. Flynn, US national security adviser has resigned on 13 February, while positioning of Russia’s new missile comes out as hurdle in way of United States’ attempts filling key policy positions at the State Department and the Pentagon as well as settling on enduring replacement for Flynn.

Although, it is also believed to be that Mr. Flynn’s quit comes after revelation regarding attempted misleading the US vice president and other officials over discussions with Russian ambassador to Washington.

Russian modern weapon deployment was reported by senior United States officials, Moscow deployed a ground-launched SSC-8 cruise missile whose construction was being done for a number of years, violated of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) contract that disallows Russia and American intermediate-range missiles.

While, the administration of 44th United States President had attempted to convince the Russians correcting the violation when Moscow was being carried out its test, though as a replacement for the Moscow authorities who have moved forward with the system by positioning a complete operational unit.

It seems to be extremely improbable that the Senate has already fears of distressful of Russian President Vladimir V. Putin’s intentions, will pose approval for a new strategic arms control agreement except the so-called violation of the intermediate-range contract is put right.

Nonetheless, the 45th United States president mentioned during his latest statement that his nation should ‘strengthen and boost its nuclear ability.’ Although, after observing current moves of Trump’s administration, seems to be US president has discussed of reaching a latest arms treaty to Russia that would decrease arms.

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