Rosie O’Donnell Say Sorry To Melania Trump Over Her Autism Speculation

The American Comedian-actress Rosie O’ Donnell finally apologized United States President-elect Donald J. Trump’s wife Melania Trump over the autism comments on Twitter for her 10-years old son Barren Trump on Twitter by uploading a short clip.


Rosie O’ Donnell who renowned fame for her acting and comedian skills has finally taken Twitter to seek an apology from Melania Trump over her autism comments on the Twitter post regarding the United States President-elect Donald Trump’s 10 years old son, Barron Trump.

The video featuring the apology status has gone viral online, and people get the sense very well that the actress has apologized for her insane comments which proved wrong.

Actress previously uploaded a video on YouTube which featuring a case of 10 year old boy who is a child of Donald Trump and Melania Trump,

the child who is landing somewhere on the autism spectrum with it, Rosie O’Donnell commented “Barron Trump Autism?” the comment had gone viral on internet and troubled a lot for Rosie and insisted by people to apologize for her comment on Donald Trump’s child Barron Trump.

According to the Hollywood reporter, the wife of President-elect Melania Trump has hired a lawyer for the case and sent a request to the YouTube video maker to remove the footage from the internet as well as threatened him if he will not remove video from the web they will let litigation.

The letter also mentioned the name of Rosie O’ Donnell, but they didn’t show any intention towards her to take action against her act of violence.

The viral video has been featuring the apologized letter from Rosie O’ Donnell, “I apologize to U.S President-elect Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump, I was insensitive on my RT, I am sorry for the pain i caused, it was not my intent, I am truly sorry,”

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