Rihanna Looking For ‘New Love’ After Jennifer Lopez & Drake’s Extreme PDA

Rihanna moves from the love triangle between Drake and Jennifer Lopez as Drake and Jennifer are busy packing on the PDA.


Drake,30 is a rapper professional singer, confessed his love for Rihanna,28-year lady singer known all over the world for her acting in movies and songs in the MTV Video Music awards held in August.

Drake presented her the Vanguard Award and surprised people by giving her a kiss instead of purposing as thought by many people there. Things between Drake and Rihanna seems didn’t work out so Drake decided to move on and flirt with some other hot women Like Jennifer Lopez, 47.


Rihanna, The R&B queen also decided to move on instead of competing with a pop star This all started when Drake posted a Photo on Jennifer’s Account with heart eyes emoji, Jennifer shared this photo on Rihanna account and hash tagged “love him”.

According to sources Rihanna Unfollow the Jennifer’s Lopez Instagram during christmas weekend. It may be difficult for her to see her Boyfriend Flirting with some women. Whereas Drake and Jennifer also posted a picture of PDA which is proof that thy are still on dating.

The new year will make Rihanna a new woman According to the resources Rihanna refuses for the same line and she considered Drake as a heart broker man whose actions and words do not match Drake and Jennifer’s were however caught together packing on the PDA.


Rihanna, on the other hand, said that this relationship had no-strings and they were simply hanging out and the news of reconciliation last summer were false.

she added. There is also news on Media that Rihanna is looking for new Love as the new year is going to start so the R&B queen will do a fresh start despite all the problems she faced in previous days.

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