Rekha Secret Married With Sanjay Dutt Shocking News Of The Year 2017

According to the book writer Yasser Usman who wrote in his book about actress Rekhha in The Untold Story that she was got married with legend actor of bollywood film industry name Sanjay Dutt secretly.


This report shocked everyone in another news report someone told that Rekha looked confused in out places and tried to hide her forehead which give some air to the news as she wanted to hide her sandoor present on her forehead which is a sign of married Indian woman.

The book news was also shocked as the book written last year and the married news of both stars came out these days and traveling all around the world rapidly these days that news is the headline of every news report and till now there is no defending act done by the both of them.

After that Yasser Usman the book writer said in an interview this is wrong there was nothing like that written in my book he said.

He defend himself by saying that Sanjay Dutt and Rekha worked together in a film name Zameen and Aasman in 1984, the talk about their relationship was started from there some people said on that time both stars got married with each other on that Sanjay denny and said it was all rumors.

Usman turn all news wrong by saying there was nothing like that in my book about Gorgeous Rekha and the great man Sanjay Dutt, he said people do not read properly and react without confirming the mean of sentence.

he said it was a blame on him to down her reputation and to turn him liar as well according to him he respect both starts a lot and even never thing them more than friends as film industry friends that it he said.

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