Redmi Note 4 Black, Blue Editions Now Available Outside China

As Xiaomi has already shown its magic over the smartphone market with its ground-breaking range of devices, now is on way to design elements little trendy but unexpected.


Chinese electronics manufacturer has learnt how to play with colors same as South Korean smartphone maker company, Samsung who has started launch of its latest giant creation named Galaxy S7 Edge with impressive colors like Blue Coral and Black Pearl.

Chinese look alert and vowed to secure his position as a possible competitor to the South Korean tech giant producers and brings its Redmi Note 4 with alluring color range. Xiaomi rolled out ‘Redmi Note 4’ in two color options as black and blue just some days ago, while pair color variants were flaunted initially for China.

Nonetheless, Chinese vibrant color option couldn’t work so far well but Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge does rock, though Redmi Note 4 with color range of Black and Blue, seems to be really impressive for the fans includes buyers and gadget lovers of the nation.

Chinese apparently has expanded their visions, has decided to launch its latest device Redmi Note 4 with two color options in other countries now. Let us clear you furthermore, Chinese to bring Redmi Note 4 with silver, gray, and gold color options, which would be attracting for smartphones’ users.

Xiaomi has made possible Redmi Note 4 availability in Malaysia with color options of both black and blue, though device comes with 3GB of RAM coupled with 32 GB storage option, same Random Access Memory specifications along with 64GB internal memory.

The Chinese makers have set Redmi Note 4 price around US $190, while according to latest accounts, buyers have been demanding for the blue edition than others, though it can be attained after paying nearly US $225.

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